Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Blue White Pink Boots Revealed

A new Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl soccer boot colorway had been leaked last week, revealed a bold and edgy design in blue, white and pink. The blue and white Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl cleats are set to be released in early February 2017.


This is the astonishing blue, white and pink Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl colorway.

Continuing the scheme introduced by the 2017 Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl launch edition from the Red Limit collection, this new colorway features a color-blocking look. The front of the football boots is white, while the rear and techfit collar are blue. This rather classical base is complemented with accents, most notably in the form of the lateral 3 Stripes, creates one of the most outstanding paint jobs of the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl cleats yet.

The split look is continued onto the sole plate of the blue and white Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl 2017 boots, with the blue part additionally boasting a subtle metallic finish as well. The studs in the front of the plate are white with blue detailing, while the rear features blue ones with pink trim at the bottom.

Whereas the upper of the Blue Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl is very similar to the first Adidas PureControl, the likely biggest technological improvement between the Adidas Ace 16 and 17+ PureControl boots is the addition of Boost technology in the midsole. The stud layout of the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl cleats is virtually unchanged from their predecessor.

Although not expected at first, it looks like the blue, white and pink Adidas Ace PureControl 2017 boots will receive high-profile on-pitch support form the likes of Dele Alli, Mesut Özil or Paul Pogba.

Blue, white and pink - what do you think of this new Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl colorway? If you like cheap Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Blue, white and pink, turn to and you'll get them.

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